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Racing is more than a hobby, it is a way of life and finding ways to make your racing lifestyle more successful is something we all drive for. Mielke Oil has the right fuel and lubricants to meet your racing needs, whether you race dirt bikes or open wheel, we have the fuels to help your engine run better and create more power and speed.

We offer multiple octane levels in VP Racing Fuels to match your specific engine build. Of course, the right fuel only gets you part way to the finish line.

With Blue Blood, Castrol, Valvoline, Kendall, Phillips 66 racing lubricants, and VP Racing lubricants you will have the winning lubricity to keep your engine cooler and running more efficient throughout the race.

Contact a Mielke Oil representative to learn more about the different products we carry and to determine the right fuel and lubricant combination for your racing life.

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